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Elkhart, Kansas, United States

Drone On Demand

Shawnee, Kansas, United States

Inspire 2 w/ Zenmuse X5s


Lenexa, Kansas, United States

Falcon Ridge Estates

Saxon Remote Systems

MCPHERSON, Kansas, United States

Refinery Inspections
IR Thermal Imaging
Agriculture Health Monitoring
Construction Services

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Drone On Demand

Inspire 2 w/ Zenmuse X5s
Showreel 2016-2017
Fritz's Adventure Commercial
Real Estate Showcase

Alstrin Cinema

Stantec Engineering
Getting up Getu


Construction Site Stake Holder Progress Reporting
Construction Site Topograpy and DSM
Luxury Home Real-Estate Marketing Video
Aggregate Stockpile Inventory Management Digital Surface Model

Drone Inspection Services

Blade inspection

Precision Air

Allen Eagles Stadium
TimeSquare @ night
Indiana Special Olympics Opener

Visual Captain

Demo Reel 2018
Motion Graphics Demo Reel
Athen Greece
cruise ship

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