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Icarus Group

Forest City, North Carolina, United States

Flight Training

VidMuze Aerial Cinema

Asheville, North Carolina, United States

ArcadiaSky has 76 Operators available for Drone Surveying in Asheville

Digital Drone Images

Aerial Mapping - Construction Site
Digital Drone Images - A Snapshot
The Future of Moto X
Real Estate Production Sample

New Vision Media Inc.



Aerial Demo Reel
Real Estate

Prestige Aerials

National Geographic - Years of living Dangeriously
All Gone Pete Tong - Miami Pool Party
Mark Cubans Mega Yacht Fountain Head

Monar Aero Aerial Cinematography

KTM:  "The Beast Conquers Detroit"
Chi-Town Rising NYE Celebration

DocuVid Global

Drone Video Demo Reel

Vantage Point Video

VP Video Showreel
Belle's Yellow Ballgown - Costume Recreation - Beauty and the Beast 2017


Jason Lema (FINAL)
PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter Launch Party
Kaskade #NeverRunAlone
1000 Museum Construction by Zaha Zadid

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