Drone Services for the Energy Industry

Drone services are being employed by the Energy Industry to capitalise on both the cost and safety improvements delivered by the technology.

The Energy Industry is typically at the forefront of technological innovation as the costs involved make any efficiency saving worthwhile. Likewise any safety improvements are justified based on the high financial and environment cost accidents can have.

Mapping & Surveying: Drones are delivering services to assist the Energy Industry carryout exploration activities, producing detailed models of an areas geography that can be used to identify possible resource locations.

They are even being put to use at sea carrying advanced sensors that scan the seabed from the air in the search for oil & gas reserves.


Emergency Response
: Drones can deliver vital services in emergency situations, one drone currently under development will allow port authorities to quickly assess the scale of oil spills allowing for a faster and more targeted response from cleanup teams.

Drones are set to play a frontline role for the Energy Industry in providing fast and effective response to disasters, limiting the severe impact incidents of this nature can have.

Asset Inspection:
currently asset inspection is one of the most widely used Drone services for the Energy sector due to the cost and safety gains over conventional means of inspection.

Drones are being extensively used by Energy companies to inspect oil & gas pipe lines and power lines, from detecting seismic movements that can affect the integrity of the line to detecting methane leaks which reduces environmental impact.

Wind farms are also seeing benefit from drone inspection resulting in less turbine downtime and improved safety for inspection teams.


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