UAV Insurance, which policy is right for you?

As the UAV market expands so do the supporting industries such as training, conferences, and what we are looking at here: UAV specific insurance.

Although not a legal requirement in most countries, if you are operating a UAV for commercial purposes it makes a lot of sense to protect your business and assets with insurance. Even though all the relevant safety and risk reduction steps might have been taken unforeseen events can, and will still happen. Having a robust insurance policy in place will ensure that your equipment and more importantly damage or injury caused to third parties is covered.


The table below compares the offerings from insurers in the UK, USA, and Australia. Quote prices have not been included as these can obviously vary based on the specific circumstances and requirements of the UAV operation however for each broker we have highlighted the following key facts:

  • Location (head office location)
  • Commercial Use (does the insurer cover commercial UAV activities)
  • Public Liability Cover (is public liability cover included, and what range is offered)
  • UAV & Equipment Cover (does the policy include the option to cover damage to the UAV and supporting equipment)
  • Other Countries Cover (is there an option to extend cover to include operations conducted abroad)
NameLocationCommercial Use?Public Liability CoverUAV & Equipment CoverOther Countries Cover
Avcover Aviation InsuranceAustraliaYes$1m - 20m AUDYesnot listed
Austbrokers ABS AviationAustraliaYes$10m - $20 AUDYesnot listed
Bill Owen Insurance BrokersAustraliaYesnot specifiedYesnot listed
Aviation Insurance AustraliaAustraliaYes$2m - $20m AUDYesnot listed
UAV InsureUnited KingdomYesup to £10m GBPYesYes
Heliguy UAV InsuranceUnited KingdomYesup to £10m GBPYesYes
CoverdroneUnited KingdomYesup to £10m GBPYesYes
SIS InsuranceUnited KingdomYes£5m GBPYesYes
IMS Film InsuranceUnited KingdomYesnot specifiedYesnot listed
Aaduki Multimedia InsuranceUnited KingdomYes£2m - £5m GBPYesYes
Ravenhall Risk SolutionsUnited KingdomYes£1m - £10m GBPYesnot listed
UAV ProtectUnited KingdomYesnot specifiedYesYes
Global AeroUnited KingdomYesnot specifiedYesYes
Drone InsuranceNetherlandsYesup to €5mYesYes
Unmanned Risk ManagementUnited StatesYesup to $100m USDYesYes
Costello Insurance AssociatesUnited StatesYes$0.5m - $1m USDYesYes
Aviation Insurance Resources United StatesYes$0.5m - $1m USDNonot listed
Aerial PakUnited StatesYes$0.5m - $6m USDLimitedLimited


  • All insurers cover commercial use and most didn’t offer any kind of cover for hobbyist or private use.
  • Public liability cover is included however the range of cover provided varies.
  • All bar one of the insurers offer at least some level of cover for UAV equipment, when looking deeper there are variances on what specific situations are covered for instance some policies did not cover the UAV while inflight.
  • There is a variance as to which brokers provide the option to extend the policy to cover other countries for operations conducted abroad.


Like the UAV industry as a whole, the insurance market is still maturing. It is not as well understood as say car or even conventional aviation insurance, which in part is due to shifting regulations governing the use of UAV’s. This is all the more reason to perform thorough due diligence when selecting a policy to ensure your operation is truly covered when the unforeseen occurs.


(We will update the contents of the comparison table from time to time so if you feel anything has been missed please get in contact)


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